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Preflop Auto-Folder


  • Auto Fold!
  • Multi Tabling!
  • The Best Poker Auto-Folder!.
  • Poker Bot Assistant is a software that will automaticly Fold the Hands that you don't want to play preflop!

    Select the Hands that you want to play and just wait that the software alert you when one of your hands comes out!

    See the presentation Bellow

    Autofolder BotDownload the free poker robot assistant!

    Poker Bot Assistant has been created because patience is very important at Texas Hold'em Poker.

    Poker Bot automatically folds the hands that you want to play and alerts you when one of the hands you want to play appears.

    The Poker bot Preflop AutoFolder works on Real Money and Play Money so you can try it free!

    Feel free to give us your impressions and what improvements you would like to bring to our poker robot software.